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Let us know which roads need resurfacing

by prestwichfocus on 5 February, 2020

Bury Council is nearing the end of a programme to resurface some roads. The roads which have been completed in ‘phase 1’ (up to the end of 2020) in the Prestwich area are as follows:

Mount Road
Ostritch Lane
Polefield Circle
Butterstile Lane (2 sections)
Cuckoo Lane
Upper Wilton Street
Heywood Road/Simister Lane (part of)
Hilton Lane
Woodward Road (2 sections)

The total cost of these schemes was £8.5 million. A smaller amount of money is available for a ‘phase 2’ £4.5 million, and the Council is currently undertaking an exercise to work out which streets need to be done.

We’re certainly aware of more streets that desperately need doing. Please let us know if there are streets which we need to ask to be in the programme, though probably worth saying that £4.5 million across Bury is not going to go very far….


4 Responses

  1. Frank O'Reilly says:

    Community Noticeboard 5/2/20
    Road surfacing request.

    Perrymead, Prestwich in in dire need of resurfacing. Can it please be considered in your review.

  2. Nikki says:

    Heys Road from Bury Old Road to Heywood Road

  3. Resident says:

    Only 4.5 million for phase 2?! Crazy.

    Puts into perspective the £2 million wasted on Bury New Road!

    Sandgate Road is a mess (they only did mount road bizarrely!)

  4. Peter Cope says:

    Sandgate Road. It has many potholes including on the traffic calming humps.

    Please also question why the traffic calming humps are so vicious, including those on recently resurfaced roads.
    Such humps increase air pollution with vehicles braking and accelerating.

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